what soda are you

you know soda that fizzy bubbly soft drink that is sweet and yummy in your mouth. but what type of soda are you? there are many kinds of soda and so many flavors to chose from. but if you want to know what type you are you came to the right place.

you know soda you see it all the time in stores. they come in those cans with there own special label and design. each have there own flavor and were made in there own special way. and in a few minutes you'll know what soda you are

Created by: shyguy

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. what junk food would you eat
  2. whats your favorite color
  3. pick a sport
  4. favorite pass time
  5. would you rather be able to
  6. favorite greeting
  7. would you rather
  8. out of these bands do you like
  9. out of these movies you would watch
  10. if you were an animal you would be a

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Quiz topic: What soda am I