What's your temperature?

What's your temperature? find out in this quiz. see if you are hot, warm, cool, or cold, by taking this quiz! I think you should try it, so please do!

Cold means you like winter, Popsicles, snow, and other cold things.Cool means you like juice, freshly poured water, slush, and cool temperature countries.Warm means you like warm things, like a Jacuzzi, hot chocolate, tea, and spring.Hot means you like hot things, like summer, the sun, the beach, and the desert.

Created by: Tempu Rature

  1. What's your favorite season?
  2. What weather do you like?
  3. what treat do you like?
  4. What color do you like most out of the four?
  5. What form of water do you like most?
  6. Whats your favorite month?
  7. What drink do you like?
  8. Where would your dream island be located?
  9. What climate would you be in?
  10. And finally, What country do you like out of the four?

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