What's your spirit animal?

This quiz is probably not accurate, I'm just doing it for fun. However, this is my idea of a spirit animal quiz, so I hope you enjoy it. It is also my first quiz, so don't make fun.

I need more letters, so I'm kinda just filling space. I hope you are happy with your results. I am a cat myself. Hope you have fun, quiz-taker! -Quiz-maker

Created by: Clio
  1. What is your favorite animal of these four?
  2. How many friends do you have?
  3. What is your job or dream job?
  4. Do you like being alone or with other people?
  5. What is your favorite place?
  6. What letter does your name start with?
  7. Favorite activity?
  8. Are you vegetarian?
  9. How old are you?
  10. Did you like this quiz? (Yes = higher results on all)

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Quiz topic: What's my spirit animal?