What's Your Malianderan Positive Archetype?

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And here we have the Malianderan Positive Archetypes! These are inspired by my views on the world based on my observations, interactions, deductions, and personal philosophies that I've gathered over the years.

Have I covered all of humanity? Probably not. But as I learn more about the world and interact with more people maybe I'll be able to come up with more.

Created by: Mal
  1. What's your favorite time of day?
  2. Are you afraid of Death?
  3. What, of these, is most important to you?
  4. Think of someone you care deeply about. What would you do if they betrayed you?
  5. When someone needs help, are you the first to offer?
  6. Do you trust easily?
  7. Do you fall for others quickly?
  8. Do you wear your heart on your sleeve?
  9. Are you timid or outgoing?
  10. Which of these scenes feels most peaceful to you?
  11. Which of these describes your religious views?
  12. Finally, what's your favorite element from Avatar (Sub-Elements included)?

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Quiz topic: What's my Malianderan Positive Archetype?