What's your Hogwarts house quiz

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this quiz was designed to test your personality and place you in your ideal hogwarts house, whether a fan or just surfing the web i'm sure you will enjoy this quiz

the Quiz is only 10 questions long but they are quick questions. some things mentioned will not be understood unless you are a fan of the wizarding world like me so this test is pretty accurate (hopefully) ; )

Created by: sahid

  1. What would your Ideal pet be (not hogwarts allowed)?
  2. What would your ideal pet be (hogwarts allowed)?
  3. Which character do you feel most associated with?
  4. What is your favorite spell?
  5. What compels you to the wizarding world?
  6. what is your favorite shop/attraction overall?
  7. which professor is your favorite?
  8. Pick a box to open.
  9. Do you curse?
  10. And lastly what house would you want to be in?

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