What reptile/amphibian would you?

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Have you ever wondered what reptile or amphibian you'd be?In this quiz you'll find out two things,What reptile or amphibian you'll be, and what HogWarts house you could also be in.

This quiz is 100% correct, as this quiz comes from a reptile nerd. Although your eyes might be set on being a snake, you could be a frog! So what will it be? A kind and caring frog, a brave and fearless toad, a chill down to earth snake or a smart and snappy monitor?Take this quiz and find out!

Created by: Betty Smith
  1. What HogWarts House are you in?
  2. Reptiles or amphibians
  3. Your ideal vacation
  4. Which one of these animals do you fell most connected to?
  5. What's your hobby?
  6. what reptile/amphibian do you'll get?
  7. what are your key trates?
  8. Your favorite school subject
  9. A great adventure awaits! What do you do?
  10. Your friend tells a joke, but it's a bit targeted to make fun of you. What do you do?

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