What Rainbow Six operator are you?

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Ever wondered which R6 operator you were? Time to find out in this quiz. Whatever operator you get, it might be time to play them in ranked. Good luck.

Maybe you will find the right type of operator to buy! You should also move out of your comfort zone however, as that's the only way you can discover something new.

Created by: Tibus Maximus
  1. What weapon do you like most?
  2. In defense, what strategies do you use?
  3. In attack, what kind of operators do you bring?
  4. What is your favourite secondary gadget on defense?
  5. What is your favourite secondary gadget on attack?
  6. What are the most satisfying kills?
  7. What kind of gadgets are best in defense?
  8. What kind of gadget is best in attack?
  9. What type of players annoy you the most?
  10. What is the best way to clear site as an attacker?

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Quiz topic: What Rainbow Six operator am I?