What Queens of The stone age member are you? (2002)

this quiz is sooooooooasoifjadiofjadiofjoakjvziuahvsu dhfuosdahfiusdoiufhsaiouhfiuhiushduhasdufhaiuh doep bro figure out what QOTSA member you are maaaan

if you're Josh that's lit brotherasoifhaoidshfoiasudhfoiuashdfoiuahsdiufhasioudfhoausdhfahxcvjnasipuhcasiudhfuashdfiashdfashdf87ysd9fas9d7fasudfa8dssdfasd

Created by: ob
  1. How do you know josh?
  2. You and your lover had an argument, what do you do?
  3. whats the most vital part of a good song?
  4. what's your favorite beverage?
  5. what is the greatest classic rock band of all time?
  6. best location to live in?
  7. whose your best friend?
  8. its cold out, what do you wear?
  9. what is your favorite genre
  10. what are you most likely to do on the weekend?

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Quiz topic: What Queens of The stone age member am I? (2002)