What Pokémon Are You.

What Pokèmon are YOU? Are you kind, smart, funny? Put your personality on the line and see what Pokèmon you truly are deep down inside! Good luck! :)

This is yet another required description, sooooo....what Pokèmon are YOOOOOOOU!?!?!?!!? Only one true way to find ooout. Take. my. QUIZ! And feel your brain get brainier!

Created by: Cecelia
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  1. You are walking along when suddenly someone trips you!
  2. You're daydreaming when all of a sudden your best friend sprays you with water!
  3. You're running a maratho when you fall flat on your face!
  4. You hear a rumor that your school's bathroom is haunted!
  5. You are about to buy the newest video game everyone is talking about! You go to grab one, but someone gets it first!
  6. You're eating at a restaurant known for it's food! You order...
  7. Youre walking through a store and see a huge, fluffy bed!
  8. You're standing there when suddenly someone comes up from behind!
  9. Have you ever looked in the mirror and thought, What a cool person?
  10. Your friend made a meal all by themself and asks you to try it. You take one bite and it tastes terrible. They ask, How is it?
  11. Do you ever think if you dug in your backyar you could find treasure?
  12. Do you like to sing?
  13. Which of these would you most like to do?
  14. Where would you rather be?
  15. In one word, how would you describe yourself?
  16. Last question! If you could be any animal, what would you be?

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Quiz topic: What Pokémon am I.