What Pixels character are you?

Pixels is the second best movie out there (Star Wars is the first) and I don't know who the hell doesn't like it, and if you don't like it you are not my friend end of story.

If you like video games, this is the perfect quiz for you because this is all about the characters from the movie Pixels, which is all about video games so I hope you enjoy this quiz, and your result, bye.

Created by: Gabby Johnson
  1. Are you a male or female?
  2. Do you cheat in games?
  3. Are you successful in life?
  4. If you were to describe your self in one word, what would it be?
  5. If you only had one hour left to live, what would you do and how would spend it?
  6. How many siblings do you have?
  7. What's your favorite color?
  8. Would you kill someone?
  9. Would you prefer friends or family?
  10. Do you have a gun?

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Quiz topic: What Pixels character am I?