what phone company is the one for you?

so i guess your wondering what this quiz is accually about??? me and my friends are stuck up in referal at our school and frankley we didn't have anything to do, so we thought it would be amusing to make up a stupid quiz that people would answer just for the sake of answering questions

well i guess i should really tell you what the quiz is about eh!!! this quiz is to find out and tell you what phone company (out of the three most popular in a survey that has been carried out) that you should really be in. the questions may seem totally weird but people that are on these networks have given me these questions to ask, and as they have been on these networks for absolutely ages and haven't even thought about changing to another one, i beleive that these questions are completly relevant and absolutly needed to answer your question to"what phone come should i be on" thank you for taking my quiz WHOOP WHOOP JUNGLE IS MASSIVE LOL

Created by: hayley + lisa + laura
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. what colour pants do you prefer to wear. lol!!!
  2. would you rob a bank if some one paid you???
  3. do you like cheese???
  4. do you like maths
  5. do you want this to be the last question?
  6. did you do this quiz for a reason?
  7. do you sleep
  8. does your coat have a hood?
  9. does naked people amuse you?
  10. are you an expensive Boyfriend/Girlfriend

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