What Percentage Do You Like Your Crush?

People have crushes, but many people think they are called crushes because they crush your soul. Well that's not true. The purpose of this quiz is to see how much you like your crush!

Do you feel confident that you could ask your crush out? Well I think you can do it! You are awesome and no matter what your result is, you still have a crush and no matter what, you should be yourself!! Live ya and good luck!

Created by: CoolGirl1612

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  1. Do you stare at your crush when talking to your friends?
  2. Do you ever talk to your crush?(don't worry, I didn't either)
  3. Did you ask him or her out?
  4. Do your friends have you do dares associated with your crush?
  5. How confident are you that he likes you back?
  6. Do you ever dream of him or her kissing you?
  7. Do your friends like him or her?
  8. Fill in the blank: I would _________ for him/her!!
  9. On average how long do you spend getting ready for your crush?
  10. How old are you?
  11. Last question... How many crushes have you had in your lifetime?

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Quiz topic: What Percentage do I Like my Crush?