What Once Upon a Time Character Are You?

Have you watched Once Upon a Time. Do you want to know what character you are? Well this quiz is for you! Oh btw the last few don't count I ran out of ideas.

Are you like power hungry Rumple, kind Snow, smart Belle, brave David, lie detecting Emma, cool Elsa, or Red? Find out now! Good luck, do you agree with what you got!

Created by: RandomBook

  1. What's your favorite Disney story out of these?
  2. What were you for the first Halloween you could remember out of these?
  3. What sport do you do?
  4. Where does the Chimera like to rest?
  5. What's the most times you have read the same book that has more than 40 chapters?
  6. Can you tell when someone's lying
  7. Are you good at Hide and Seek?
  8. 5,25,125,625...
  9. .
  10. Bye!

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Quiz topic: What Once Upon a Time Character am I?