what nickname fits YOU best?

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This quiz will tell your rightful nickname so whatever. Good luck i guess. Naw just kidding you will do great! Just one imporant rule have fun with it all results are good.

Remember these results do not describe your whole personality. To be honest, what do you expect from a random kid on the internet? Have fun with it though, and hey, have a nice day!

Created by: Lucy
  1. How smart do you think you are from 1-10 ten being the smartest person who ever lived.
  2. Do you love new adventures?
  3. Do you let people "borrow" your money?
  4. Why did the chicken cross the road?
  5. Who painted the Mona Lisa?
  6. Choose the one that best describes YOU!
  7. Clap your hands five times. Did you do it?
  8. I think that may be all i need to know what your nickname best fits you. maybe 1 more?
  9. How many types of clouds are their. Third grade question. (so under 5)
  10. Ready for your result?

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