What Naruto Girl Will You DATE?

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Ok this is a rough challenge you gotta face ino sakura tsanude and hinata one of them will become your love girls this gonna take you to the limits of your loving limits!

Hint 1: don't make your self look stuipd Hint 2: don't make tsnaude angry Hint 3: don't listen to my hints listen and you fail HAHAHAH MAY THEY TEST BEGIN.

Created by: Marcothegreathokage

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  1. You and the girls and on the bath tub next they start argueing you...
  2. Your walking down the street and tsanude the hokage is in trouble but ino needs help and sakura is bored and hinata is alone who will you go to?
  3. If you was narutos dad who would you want Naruto to be teams with?
  4. If saskue came around the door and all the girls charged at him except tsnaude you would..
  5. If kayne west was in the ninja world and the best rapper you would...
  6. Sasuke and Naruto died you would.
  7. If a clown was going to piss you off what will you do?
  8. Ahhh chuckys here.
  9. 2ND LAST QUESTION if you was having such a good time next your mum apeers and embrasses you infront of the girls you...
  10. Llast question... Who do you love???

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