What male sonic character likes you?

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who likes you? you have to take this quiz to found out! what do you think who likes you? hopefully it's your crush! or maybe not! but you have to see!

who likes you? just take this little quiz and you will found out! will it be your crush or someone else? let's figure out! just go ahead and start the fun by taking the quiz!

Created by: Crystal
  1. what is your favorite food?
  2. what is your favorite color?
  3. what is your personality?
  4. ur attitude
  5. what is the most place you go to?
  6. how would you show your love?
  7. fav thing to do
  8. what type of chili dog do you like?
  9. Your face to face with Eggman and his robots are destroying the town, your a hero, how will you take the Bots down?
  10. There's a new kid at green hills who is alone and gets picked on. You hear some people saying things like "WOW! Their so ugly. They have NO skill. Stay away from that loser." What would you do?
  11. Which school subject is your favorite?
  12. Which fear do you have more of?

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