What Magical Power Do You Have?

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Hey, fellow magicals! This is my first quiz on this website, and in general. I most definitely believe in magic, so I made a quiz which will tell you which power YOU have. These results are relatively long, and they (the results) are different from your usual superpowers. So, no invisibility, super strength, super speed, or flying.

I hope you guys like this quiz! If you do, please comment on it so I can make a better quiz next time, if there is a comment section. (Like I said, first quiz, first time) and please share this quiz with your friends and family so you can learn more about yourself, AND I can figure out what kind of quizzes you guys like. Thank you soo much!

Created by: Tani K.

  1. First off, what is your favorite color?
  2. Next, what is your favorite animal? (pick from the ones below)
  3. What role do you think you play in your friend group? (s)
  4. Where have you always wanted to go? (pick the closest answer)
  5. What is your favorite book series? (pick out of the ones below)
  6. Favorite Disney/Pixar Movie?
  7. Favorite Time of Day?
  8. What weapon would you choose to fight with, in the event that it was needed?
  9. What is your favorite constellation?
  10. Lastly, and this is the most important question. Do you believe in magic?

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Quiz topic: What Magical Power do I Have?