What Magic Suits You the best?

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This quiz is about what magical power would suit you, so I have written down some questions for you to answer about what power would choose you and match you.

Credits: my credits go to this website: gotoquiz.com for letting people make quizzes instead of just the website making them, and another thanks to people who also make magic quizzes!

Created by: Anasia Edwards
  1. What would you do if someone was in trouble?
  2. You are in a deadly duel in front of your worst enemy?
  3. Which one would you like to have as your loyal pet?
  4. Imagine that you found a secret laboratory with 5 glass potions with their own little world and you could only take one which would it be?
  5. Which weapon would you use for combat?
  6. What magic would you want to have?
  7. Imagine your starting off at a wizard/witch magic boarding school, based on what you answered before, which school do you think will match your power?
  8. At your boarding school, your principal wants to know your name, and you say….
  9. Then they ask which clothing you will be wearing and you say:
  10. Now imagine a water dragon has invaded your boarding school! Which magic would you use to stop it?

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Quiz topic: What Magic suits me the best?