What L4D2 Zombie are you

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Love killing those Sons of B****s that like to hump, puke, spit, smash, pull, charge, and pounce your A** Well in this Quiz find out which you are most like

This Quiz is made sorely for fun and is not meant on what you trully are. So if you get some lame one like the Spitter or Boomer dont get made its just what you would be as a zombie not as a human so dont sue me Please

Created by: Anthony Morales
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. You wake up and decide to do something today you
  2. You are shipped out to war and you specialize in
  3. Your friend tells you I am going to get in a fight come with me you
  4. The way you fight is
  5. Choice of weapon
  6. You go hang with friends you
  7. Choose a color
  8. How strong are you be truthful
  9. How fast are you again be truthful
  10. What is your body type
  11. What do you rate this Quiz(Does not Affect Result)

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Quiz topic: What L4D2 Zombie am I