What kink are you?

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Ever wondered what kink you personify? With the help of this quiz you can find out! Unfortunately I don't have years to make this- because there are so many kinks I couldn't include!

So- what kink are you? If you don't know much about kinks, google is your friend. The kinks used in this quiz are pretty well known though and not very disgusting.

Created by: Frank

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Which of the deadly sins below best describes you?
  2. In a close of group of friends you:
  3. In a group you are asked to pick a subject to talk about in a presentation. You:
  4. The most you would do for something you are extremely loyal to is:
  5. In a typical comedy show about a family you most identity with:
  6. What about nature do you find the most beautiful?
  7. How vocal are you about your sexuality?
  8. What empowers you most?
  9. Which class do you most identity with?
  10. How committed are you?

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Quiz topic: What kink am I?