What kinds of movie are you in to?

This is just a quiz to see what kinds of movies do YOU like. No tricks. A person who want to find out is up to the challenge. I know what I like. Come take it. DON'T BE AFRAID!

Do you know wht kinds of movies do you like? Do you want to find out. Step right here to see what you know about the types of MOVIES you ENJOY!!!!!!!!!

Created by: Darre'Auna Lyde
  1. Do you like movies that kill people?
  2. Are you a person who cries a lot?
  3. Pirates are/is...
  4. Are you a cartoon fan?
  5. Do you like movies that are scary?
  6. Do you like to cut hair or do hair?
  7. Do you know a movie call Shrek 2? If so answer the question. Why did Shrek and Fiona went to the castle in Far Far Away?
  8. First of all do you watch TV?
  9. Do you like them kiddy movies like Spongebob, or Bratz?
  10. Do you like mushy(Kissing) movies?
  11. Do you like movies that are sometimes funny but mostly sad,sometimes fighting?
  12. Do you love funny movies ?

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Quiz topic: What kinds of movie am I in to?