what kinds of function of fruit benefit to human

You got very percious experience from this quiz.This quiz could test how much your common knowlege about the fruit.And this quiz could give you some correct thinking of proper function of fruit to human.It could give your a chance to realize fruit

if you got very high score from this test ,it could represent that you have realized the function of fruit to benefit human.If you got poor score in this test.It is essencial that you have to absorb more required knowledge about function of fruit

Created by: Eric
  1. What kind of vitamins do apples have
  2. What kind of fruit could benefit human digest food
  3. what kind of fruit could benefit people to potect human from cancer
  4. what kind of fruit could be well be known as the king in fruit
  5. what part of human body do vitamins C in apple could benefit
  6. what kinds of function of grapes could benefit human
  7. what kinds of fruit could be juicy for human to get more required water
  8. what kind of fruit could benefit human having better health on tooth
  9. what kind fruit skin could elimnate the bed smell
  10. what kind of fruit would help human blood circulation

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