What kind of Wolf are You?

There are many people who beleive they are wolves,but there are only a few who truly are.What is a Wolf? A wolf is a cousin of the dogs, first discovered by the Indians.

Are you a Wolf?Well if you are take this quiz and figure out what type of Wolf you are and what friends you might have!At the end of the quiz,you will recive things that other wolves have.You also will recive your results and other facts about you!

Created by: Breanna

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  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Are you very playful and entergetic?
  2. Are you serious and smart?
  3. What is your favorite colors?
  4. Are you a good at hunting?
  5. Are you a friend to others?
  6. Do you enjoy Fighting?
  7. Are you lazy and boring or active and sporty?
  8. Do you attack anything that moves?
  9. Are you Big and Strong?
  10. Are you skinny and fast or fat and slow?

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Quiz topic: What kind of Wolf am I?