What Kind Of Wedgie Do You Deserve? (Guys Only)

It's a quiz that can help you find out what wedgie do you deserve! It's based on your previous experiences with wedgies and bullying, so if you're a winy nerd who receives his wedgies daily, I wouldn't like to be in your place!

This quiz is also great for bored bullies who don't know what to do with their victim - you can just take this quiz and make that little loser suffer, something he for sure deserves!

Created by: Witte
  1. Firstly, what kind of underwear do you usually wear?
  2. If you wear thighty whities, how often?
  3. How often do you get wedgies?
  4. How often do you give wedgies?
  5. Who usually wedgies you?
  6. Who do you usually give wedgies to?
  7. Have you ever had a hanging wedgie before?
  8. If yes, for how long have you been hunging?
  9. How tall have you been hung before?
  10. Have you ever got a messy wedgie?
  11. If yes, what have they pulled in your undies?
  12. What other form of bullying have you got before?
  13. What do you like to do in your free time?
  14. Which school subject is your favourite?
  15. Do you like PE?
  16. If yes, why?
  17. If no, why?
  18. Have you ever given yourself a wedgie?
  19. Do you like wedgies?
  20. Are you a wedgie slave/master?

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Quiz topic: What Kind Of Wedgie do I Deserve? (Guys Only)

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