What kind of wand would you have?

Wands come in many types. After all, there are many people who wave wands. Some are fakes and phonies. Some are the real thing. A wand is magical and powerful, or it can be a cheap novelty toy. It all depends on the make of the wand.

Have you ever wondered what kind of wand suits you? Are you worthy to posses one? Or should you just pretend to own one? That is the essential question every "magic-maker" should first ask. Find out with this nifty quiz!

Created by: Rachel
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  1. Do you like pranks?
  2. Do you care about outward appearances?
  3. Okay, I won't tell, but are you a fake?
  4. Are you more than you seem?
  5. Is the road seldom trodden your usual road?
  6. Super-complex spells(e.g.Loe'satmal K''adke dreNi),Difficult spells(e.g.Lacarnum Inflamared), or Average spells(e.g.Abracadabra)?
  7. When you flourish your wand, is your movement big and grand or small and hard to see?
  8. Okay, now down to what comes out of your wand.
  9. What is the color of your wand?
  10. Do you participate in activities involving rabbits and hats?

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