What Kind of Serial Killer Would You Be?

Personality Test (Big Five)

There are many types of serial killers. Some are intelligent and methodical, others impulsive and rash. Some kill for material gain, or out of a desire to cleanse the world of lesser peoples. Maybe they hear voices or get a sexual rush out of murder.

What kind of serial killer would YOU be? How would you kill and why? Just because you're not a serial killer doesn't mean you couldn't be. Find out which type with this fun quiz!

What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
What is your gender?
Are you an organized person?
I color-code my socks and am always exactly five minutes early.
I'm pretty organized, but I don't take it to extremes.
I'm pretty disorganized, but I can find what I need.
My room is described as "Hurricane Central"
Do you prefer to be in total control of a situation?
Do you watch television shows about forensic science? (Bones, CSI, etc)
All the time, I love them!
Sometimes. They're pretty cool.
Rarely. I prefer other things.
Ugh. Never.
If you had a great accomplishment which you were pleased with, would you want to follow all news stories relating to the event?
Of course. I'm proud, I want to hear what other people have to say about it.
A little. I'd check up on it now and then.
Probably not. I might take interest in a news story, but not much else.
Nah. Who cares? All that matters is that I did it.
How many friends do you have?
I'm pretty popular.
I have a small group of close friends.
I've got a few friends, but no one I'm really close to.
I prefer to be alone.
What is your marital status?
I'm married/in a commited relationship.
I was married/in a commited relationship but it ended and I'm all alone now.
I've had a few minor relationships but nothing serious.
I've never had a real relationship.
How are you viewed by those around you?
I'm so average it's scary.
I'm pretty normal.
I'm a little weird, but it's not too bad.
Eccentric, creepy, out there... you name it.
Are you impulsive and spontaneous?
Do you suffer from a mental disorder?
Yes, but it's not very severe.
Yes, a fairly severe one.
Do you ever hear voices?
Uhm.... only the ones that are actually there...
Do you beleive prostitution should be legalized?
No way! There should be much harsher punishments for violators.
No. The current laws aren't too bad, though.
Do you consider groups of people who are of different religions, ethnicities, races, or sexual orientations to be inferior to you?
Only the really weird ones, like Scientologists.
Only the ones I consider morally objectionable, like pagans and homosexuals.
Yes. There are some people who are just not the same as the rest of us.
Nah, they're inferior for different reasons.
Do you believe it is okay to kill someone you know is a violent criminal before they are tried in a court of law, if they are a threat to society?
Only if I or someoen I am with is threatened first.
Yes. Some people just deserve to die.
No. Let the courts handle it.
When you were a child (or even now) were you ever cruel to animals?
Only insects.
Do you hunt for sport?
Do you ever have sexual fantasies involving corpses or murders?
Ugh, no.
Would you ever eat human flesh?
Maybe. If I was presented with it.
If it was required to prevent an international incident.
If I was starving to death.
Do you ever experience a sexual or emotional thrill when hurting someone else?
Are you strongly motivated to be financially successful in life?
It's not my primary concern.
If killing someone would bring you enormous wealth or power and there was no chance that you would be caught, would you do it?

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