What Kind of School Girl are You? (Girls Only!)

Ladies and women, schoolgirls and girls! There are many types of girls, but here are probably some of the most common ones. Just step right on up and take the quiz!

Feedback is always appreciated, but I think you already know that! I might be posting some more quizes soon... but for now, I hope this works for you! Enjoy!

Created by: Dalkryie

  1. What do you think about boys?
  2. Favorite Color?
  3. A new girl comes to school wearing short shorts (you can see her cheeks...), a tight tank top, dangly earings, and highheels. Your opinion?
  4. The hotest boy in the grade invites you to a pool party. Whadda you say?
  5. When you get home from school, your parents tell you to do your homework first, or you are grounded. Your reaction?
  6. A new teacher at your school drops her papers. You...
  7. Tou and your date go to the movies. You watch a...
  8. Anime?
  9. Whats Your Opinion Of Yourself?
  10. Howd you like the quiz?

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Quiz topic: What Kind of School Girl am I? (Girls Only!)