What kind of person are you?

Always wondered what kind of person you were? Well let's get started! This is what many people want to hear,and see!

Are YOU fun? Kind? Or maybe even mean. All these and even more are in here! This is the ultimate test to see who YOU really are.

Created by: Amy

  1. How would other people describe you? (Be truthful!)
  2. Your a...
  3. Your personality is..
  4. Your test is today but you haven't studied for it. You..
  5. You have to get a gift for your friend but it's late and you have a test in the morning. You..
  6. It's your birthday! You Grandma gives you under ware. You..
  7. You got mad and killed someone. Why did/would you do this?
  8. This quiz was..
  9. You fave color is..
  10. This is the last question. (This is my first quiz!)

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Quiz topic: What kind of person am I?