What Kind of Human Are You

many kinds of people exist. this quick survey shows what kind of person your most likely..well like. are you caring? are you loving? or your hateful? or maybe your something completely different from the normals of society

are you a evil genius? or are you a hippie.. maybe your our next leader? a comedian? a priest? there are many things you may become in life. this quiz will shows which side of the spectrum your most related to

Created by: CRL
  1. You have always found school to be a breeze. you have never had to study for a single quiz!
  2. The world is facing a new pandemic, there is no known cure. after stockpiling supplies. what do you do?
  3. Your boyfriend, or girlfriend, wants to breakup with you. you....
  4. when returning home from work or school on the weekends you like to....
  5. what do you think about animals?
  6. you get stuck behind an old lady driving 20mph under the speed limit on the highway.. your action?
  7. if you were to describe your family..
  8. when talking to a new person, something you might bring up in conversation.
  9. your soul reason for living in life is.
  10. you and only you can save the world from complete destruction. what situation would bring this about

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Quiz topic: What Kind of Human am I