what kind of horse-show would you be good at?

horse competitions are fun to ride in, as well as participate in. whether they are English style or western style, they are fun no matter what.

in these competitions, horse and rider works together. Maybe you pertisipate in one of these competitions and do great, but what if you're the horse instead of the rider? which competition would you be best at? take this quiz to find out!!!!!!!

Created by: soxeyanna
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  1. do you like going through life knowing what to do
  2. if your mom took you to the park to get some exersize, do you,a, run on the track,or, b, go to the playground and try to figure out the fastest way to do everything and test it.
  3. which famous horse do you like better (a) Secretariat (b) Scamper
  4. do you focus on being the perfect in your movements, or is your main concern how fast you can be?
  5. are you careful or care-free
  6. which event on field day be your favorite?
  7. which competition do you want to see
  8. which competition would you like to participate in.
  9. do you prefer to ride English or western
  10. did you like this test

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