What Kind Of Hetalia OC Should You Make?

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Deciding what kind of OC to make for a fandom like Hetalia can be difficult at times. This twenty question quiz will take into account your responses and help guide you towards an answer!

For more information or further resources to get started on your OC, feel free to check out my tutorial for making OCs on my tumblr, Askaphfake. There you will find lots of articles to get you started on your way!

Created by: Thecattydddy
  1. How old are you
  2. Why do you want to make a Hetalia OC?
  3. What kinda OC do you want to make?
  4. How many OCs have you made before this one?
  5. How much time do you intent to spend doing research for this OC?
  6. Do you read wikipedia/wikia articles for fun?
  7. Did you enjoy doing research projects in school?
  8. How long have you been a Hetalia fan?
  9. Do you read the webcomic?
  10. Do you change your headcanons with the introduction of canon material?
  11. Do you prescribe to the following Hetalia fanon: Spain is a pedophile.
  12. Do you prescribe to the following Hetalia fanon: France is a rapist.
  13. Do you prescribe to the following Hetalia fanon: Prussia is a pervert.
  14. Which of the following personifications has Himaruya NOT released a design or personality for, even if just briefly?
  15. Why does Italy have a curl?
  16. Which outfit are you most excited to design?
  17. Your best friend tells you this one girl that just walked by is a huge jerk. How do you react to this information?
  18. How much do you travel?
  19. Where do you tend to stay when travelling?
  20. What kind of food do you eat when you travel?

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