what kind of fortnite teammate are you

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this quiz is to see what kind of fortnite teammate are you you could be a fake sweat, the solo, the loot goblin, the rouge, the medic or the secret sweat


Created by: Kyle Hopkins
  1. have you bought the battle pass just to get one skin
  2. do you like playing trios squads duos or solo
  3. do you ever look at your teams health
  4. do you take all the good loot for yourself
  5. how many wins have you got
  6. do you like cheese (this is not part of the quiz I just want to know)
  7. what kind of gun do you prefer
  8. do you only play fortnite
  9. are you a fortnite youtuber
  10. what do you perfer
  11. the best game is fortnite

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Quiz topic: What kind of fortnite teammate am I