What kind of feelings do you have for your ex?

Hi everyone! this is my first gotoquiz! i hope you all like it! how it works if you have never done this before is you answer 10 questions ( on this quiz ) and you will get an answer paragraph. there are 8 in total. this quiz you will get the answer what are your feelinhs towrd your ex. these are not exact answers and only YOU can diside your real feelings. pls read next paragraph:

To all LBTG+ out there I am so sorry if you are ofended by me only putting ex boyfriend. im sorry. ps this goes to boys two. pls change in your head the "boyfriend to whatever you prefer. Also i TOTALLY SUPPORT LBTG+ *RAMBOW!!! ( omg im so wierd ) Oh also you will not see any comments from me because i do not have an acount. ok? BYE!!! hope you like my quiz! pls comment if you want to and share your EX stories! breakups, kiss, getting back together... ext. also share if my quiz helped you with your self-esteem!

Created by: Destiny11

  1. so first lets get this question out of the way... ;)How old are you?
  2. ok next what is your personality like? ps a friend can help answer this one if u want. :)
  3. ok now on to a little more "personal" questions. did he ever give you small gifts or show afection or graditude or loving acts of kindness twords you at least half the time
  4. how do you act when you see him?
  5. now what do you think about your ex?
  6. now what does your HEART say about your ex? be honest. you are you. no one is juging you.
  7. do you want revenge?
  8. are you happy without him? ( as a boyfriend )
  9. ok im done! i hope you get an answer that makes your heart happy.
  10. everyone is there own person. they dont need a romantic relationship to be happy. you are YOU. NO ONE gets to tell you who you get to be! be yourself. because gess what, EVERYONE shines like a dimond when they are themselves. we all should be SO grateful that WE are on this planet and have a life that we get to live. even if for a short time. i love every one of you and hope you relize that EVERYONE is there own AMAZING person!!! we ALL are beautiful, kind, unique, and our OWN person! no one owns us or tells us who we can be! we all are so amazing and get more amazing everyday! and even when things get tough we can help everyone by smiling and knowing that someone somewhere is smiling right back! I LOVE YOU ALL! no madder what! i hope you all relize that I will always be here for you. GOOD LUCK!!! :')
  11. If you didnt pls read first 2 paragraph at the top of the quiz. they are important.

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Quiz topic: What kind of feelings do I have for my ex?