What kind of Dragonet of Destiny are you

This quiz will tell you what kind of heroic, helpful, peacemaking, amazing dragonet you would be. Only for true Wings of Fire fans that want to know what kind of dragon they would be.

This quiz will choose whether or not you are a Sunny, a Glory, a Starflight, a Tsunami, and/or a Clay. You will learn your inner Dragonet of Destiny if you take this quiz.

Created by: King Braeden I
  1. What kind of food would you eat
  2. What kind of weapon would you use
  3. what kind of treasure would you have
  4. What is your favorite color
  5. what place would you spend most time in
  6. What is the most vicious thing you would do
  7. what do you do in your free time
  8. What would you rate your friendly ness
  9. How do you like this quiz
  10. What color would you want your scales

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Quiz topic: What kind of Dragonet of Destiny am I