What kind of communist are you?

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This test is under the assumption that you are anti capitalist and not an anarchist. This is mostly for fun, don’t take your results too seriously.Socialism is a journey that all socialists (except revisionists, counter revolutionaries, and anarchists) are on :)

Arise ye workers from your slumbersArise ye prisoners of wantFor reason in revolt now thundersAnd at last ends the age of cant.Away with all your superstitionsServile masses arise, ariseWe’ll change henceforth the old traditionAnd spurn the dust to win the prize. Refrain: So comrades, come rallyAnd the last fight let us faceThe Internationale unites the human race.No more deluded by reactionOn tyrants only we’ll make warThe soldiers too will take strike actionThey’ll break ranks and fight no moreAnd if those cannibals keep tryingTo sacrifice us to their prideThey soon shall hear the bullets flyingWe’ll shoot the generals on our own side.No saviour from on high deliversNo faith have we in prince or peerOur own right hand the chains must shiverChains of hatred, greed and fearE’er the thieves will out with their bootyAnd give to all a happier lot.Each at the forge must do their dutyAnd we’ll strike while the iron is hot.

Created by: Gabriel Landaverde
  1. Thoughts on the Bolsheviks?
  2. Trotsky or Stalin?
  3. Tito or Stalin?
  4. Mao or Khrushchev?
  5. Thoughts on Ho Chi Minh?
  6. Thoughts on Kim Il Sung?
  7. Thoughts on Hoxha?
  8. Thoughts on Gonzalo?
  9. Thoughts on Deng Xiaoping?
  10. Thoughts on anarchism?

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Quiz topic: What kind of communist am I?