What Kaichou wa maid sama character are you

This quiz is to see what character from kaichou wa maid sama are you. Are you the shy and mysterious Usui or the cute /violent misaki or an internet crossdressing sensation aoi or the optimistic vice student president(i don't remember his name)

are you willig to find out who you are most like well prepare causew you don't know what character you will get.plus the questons are pretty obvious on what character you will get

Created by: Zeldafan901
  1. What do you feel right now
  2. do like cross dressing?
  3. where do you spend your free time
  4. what outfit appeals more to you
  5. whats your favorite phrase
  6. were will you like to work as
  7. are you tough or weak
  8. is your sister part of some club at school?
  9. will you comment?
  10. final question what color is your eyes and hair

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Quiz topic: What Kaichou wa maid sama character am I