What jackass character are you?

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In this quiz you will find out what jackass character you are! Just take these five questions and you'll find out! When you take this quiz make sure you answer everything truly. Don't answer them just to get the person you want!

If you are not familiar with jackass it is basically a bunch of guys doing stunts and pranks! PS. Most of them are inappropriate. I hope you have fun doing this quiz!

Created by: Haley Smith

  1. Have you ever seen Jackass?
  2. (If you have seen it)Whats your favorite movie that they have made?
  3. Have you ever done any stunt?
  4. What kind of stunt would you do?
  5. Who do you want to be?
  6. What do you prefer?
  7. What would be your perfect stunt?
  8. How old is johnny Knoxville
  9. How many people were in the first jackass movie?
  10. Last question, What was your favorite stunt out of these two?:

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Quiz topic: What jackass character am I?