What is YOUR Walden?

What is a Walden? The general description is the place where you are most comfortable in- your "happy place" so to speak. This quiz takes your questions into account and predicts your Walden.

Find out if you are most comfortable at a party, a secluded cabin, your own room, or at a party. Quiz results depend on how you answer, so if you get an answer that you think doesn't apply to you, don't get mad at us!

Created by: Morgan and Cassie

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  1. What are you usually doing on a Friday night?
  2. Out of these five quotes, which is your favorite?
  3. Are you a relatively reserved and quiet person?
  4. Do you usually initiate conversations?
  5. Do you believe that being organized is more important than being adaptable?
  6. Is an interesting book, video game, or youtube video more interesting than a social event?
  7. Does it take a lot of time for you to get involved in social events at school (or work)?
  8. Are keeping your options open more important than having a to-do list?
  9. Are you more energetic after spending time with people?
  10. Don't get triggered if you get an answer you know you shouldn't have, cool?

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Quiz topic: What is my Walden?