what is your type of guy? (for girls)

hi! you can call me Mili!ok... so this quiz is entirely for fun, with odd results put at the end, I hope you have fun taking my quiz, and don't feel offended by the end results.

also! if you take any of this seriously ( the results ) just know that this quiz you took was solely for entertaining yourself, not to thrash fists at anybody.

Created by: Mili
  1. do you like a guy that knows how to talk to a girl?
  2. do you want a guy that can make you laugh?
  3. would you want a guy that would be able to help you through emotional things?
  4. would you like someone that would be ok with an open relationship?
  5. would you want someone that could be someone that you would see yourself marrying?
  6. would you like someone that you would rarely see?
  7. would you want a relationship that would last over 2 years?
  8. would you want someone that you've known for many years?
  9. would you want someone that knows how to dress well?
  10. would you want someone that treats their close family and friends badly?

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Quiz topic: What is my type of guy? (for girls)