What is your TRUE animal soul?

hi! I hope you like this quiz! It will show your true inner animal spirit that suits you the best. Thanks for taking this quiz and have fun!

Find out about your inner self animal spirits! Promise it won't take you long!

Created by: Yumi is cool
  1. Hi! Are you ready to find out which animal spirits suits you the best???
  2. So, the first question: Are you always shy around people ( don't like to be in crowds) and speaks up more after you know some one(like a best friend or family)?
  3. next one, do you like to make people laugh( which make yourself feel better?)?
  4. Does your friend thinks your really strong (and strangles or hits people a lot)? (I've had that experience before)
  5. Are you really generous(ask a friend) and also be nice and loyal to them?
  6. Do you like to sing and dance or any visual art?
  7. Do you like RUNNING type of sports or just like to run (in track and field, cross-country etc.) and also get first or second (like jumping for fields)?
  8. okie dokie! that's all! Please take my other quizzes! (search my name: Yumi is cool)
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Quiz topic: What is my TRUE animal soul?