What is your true Animal?

Some people love animals but can't figure out what animal they like! What animal is your "true" animal? Take this fun quiz a find out!This quiz will tell you something that you may not know about yourself!

What animal are you other quizs will tell you anyhing but this quiz is a "true" quiz! You may find out something about yourself you NEVER knew! Animals are amazing without them our world would be a little empty!

Created by: TayTay
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Your are ...?
  2. Your family is ...?
  3. Your friends would say you are ...?
  4. When I say "YOWZA" you think ...?
  5. What food sounds YUMMY?
  6. You want How many children?
  7. You like to ...?
  8. You have ____ Animals?
  9. Do you get bored often?
  10. Do you know what "Ja'taime" means? A little clue it's french!

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Quiz topic: What is my true Animal?