What is your soul animal?

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Hello and welcome back to a new quiz from Kelly Newman in this quiz you will see which animal out of these frog, wolf, sloth and horse is closer to you.

In this new quiz that i made you will have to answer some questions that will lead to your final result and it will say what percentage of these animals you are close to if you get one with a low percentage dont get upset im sure you will have one with a higher pecentage.

Created by: Kelly Newman

  1. Out of these what is your favourite animal?
  2. What do you like doing best?
  3. What is your favourite food out of these?
  4. What do you think is your matching element out of these?
  5. What is your favourite colour out of these?
  6. What is your favourite season?
  7. What season are you born
  8. Do you preffer cold or warm food?
  9. Do you like sports?
  10. How would you rate this quiz?

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Quiz topic: What is my soul animal?