What is Your Lightsaber Color?

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A Jedi's lightsaber is his or her life. At the heart of each lightsaber is a kyber crystal that takes a color based on the connection it forms with its Jedi. These questions have answers based on the moods and characteristics each color represents. Choose wisely, young padawan.

Each Jedi constructs their weapon while drawing from the light side of the force. However, there are dark side users known as Sith who draw from their own hatred and anger to create a lightsaber with the color Red. Other lightsaber wielders are fallen Jedi who no longer trust in the order. They wield a White saber.

Created by: femilymems
  1. Do you feel like you have a strong connection with the force?
  2. How good are your lightsaber skills?
  3. How willing are you to help a stranger in need?
  4. How likely are you to lose your lightsaber?
  5. How do you feel about staying out of this battle to complete your scholarly teachings in the temple?
  6. How good of a pilot are you?
  7. Where do your loyalties lie?
  8. What is your home planet?
  9. Are you part of the Rebel Alliance/Resistance?
  10. What is your favorite Star Wars quote?
  11. Besides a Lightsaber, what is your go-to weapon?
  12. After Order 66, what did you do to survive?
  13. Have you ever considered Spice Running/Smuggling?
  14. Where did you find your Kyber Crystal?
  15. Who is your most trusted sidekick?
  16. What ship would you fly?
  17. What did you see in the Dark Side Cave?
  18. Who trained you?
  19. Do you agree with the Empire?
  20. And finally, who shot first?

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Quiz topic: What is my Lightsaber Color?