What is your gryffindor boyfriend!

Alright so which Harry Potter boy in Gryffindor would you date? (I'm only doing Harry's year so if you want Fred or George I'm sorry)

So which boy would you date? Harry, Ron, Neville, Seamus or Dean? Will he be famous or not? Funny or not? What's his best trait about him? Find out now?

Created by: gryffindor2012

  1. So what's the best trait about someone?
  2. Hair color?
  3. Does he have to be funny?
  4. Does he have to be nice?
  5. Does he play Quidditch?
  6. Whose your favorite boy?
  7. Other house he could be placed in?
  8. Does he break stuff?
  9. Are irish accents cute?
  10. Should he be famous?
  11. Does he fight with people a lot?

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Quiz topic: What is my gryffindor boyfriend!