What is your favorite color? (quiz)

This quiz can tell you what your favorite quiz is! Answers may not be that accurate, though, but I hope you like my quiz! It's my first quiz I have ever made!

And this is the second paragraph to my quiz, and it has to be 150 characters long and I have no idea what to write here, XD! PLEASE I BEG YOU TO STAY SAFE...

Created by: Minty animations

  1. what is your favorite season?
  2. What time of day you like best
  3. favorite fruit
  4. what kind of land you like best
  5. your favorite veggie
  6. your favorite letter in the alphabet
  7. do you like my quiz so far? (does not affect score) TwT
  8. your gender
  9. will you share your results in the comments? please? (Won't affect score)
  10. e

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Quiz topic: What is my favorite color? (quiz)