What is Your Element? (girls)

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Hi there! welcome to my very first quiz! I'm QuizzqueenM! I was just really bored and stuff.I took plenty of quizzes on this web site and decided: why not make my own?

In this quiz,you will find out what your element is,such as: fire, water, nature, technology, love or if you are the EVIL one and much more! Now, let's get started! Good luck!

Created by: QuizzqueenM
  1. What is your favorite colour?
  2. which of these words describe you better?
  3. You are starting school tomorrow.
  4. It is your first period. you tripped on your way to the seat. what happens?
  5. At your second class, the assignment asks your favorite set of colours.
  6. It's time to eat. what will you pick?
  7. what is your favorite word here?
  8. It is day 2. what will you wear?
  9. For this question, you will have to think a little more. what color of clothes do you own the most? (jeans wont really count but okay)
  10. You spent so much time looking for an outfit that you came late and got detention.
  11. You were so mad after detention that while you were running home you slipped into mud. Now, everyone is looking at you.
  12. When you are with your crush, you....
  13. Which one are you in the class?
  14. Which of these options ressemble your life the most?
  15. Which clique do you think you belong to?
  16. How many friends do you have?
  17. You finished school early. What do you do now?
  18. what word describes you better here?
  19. Your adventure (the quiz, actually) is almost over! soon it will be time to say bye!
  20. It is Saturday at a huge party to celebrate the end of the school year. What do you do?
  21. Last day of school! time to say bye bye! Now let us see what your element could be!!!

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