What is your b---- word?

robby dawson is the cutest boy ever. if you don't think he is cute, you are obviuosly an idiot. this survey is great because it can help you determine what kind of betch you are because it will help you determine what word you should use when you go in to full-on-betch-mode. please note that throughout this survey "betch" will be used in place of "b.itch"

My quiz is awesome and ballin and stuff and you should totally do it and stuff tits balls awesome hahaha kewl okay i love erin carroll jk i love allison hoppe jk i love sarah roe jk i love avery mason...not jk hhahaha jk i love erin carroll jk i love allison hoppe hahaha jk

Created by: Jenna
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Someone you don't know very well says "Hey" to you on aim. You're having a bit of a conversation, and they say something awkward. You say:
  2. Your friend is being annoying. You say:
  3. One day, at a friend's birthday party, you and your friends want to call a guy to ask for phone s.e.x. Someone suggests a guy they know. Another girl decides to pose for pictures of their boobs for the guys. Another girl just wants to sleep, and thinks that the happy pines from the picture is simply hilarious. Which girl from the party are you?
  4. How cool are you?
  5. who do you like
  6. Are you in band?
  7. when you're bored, you..
  8. sarah is a horrible girlfriend
  9. jenna is hot, sexy, and ballin
  10. this is the last question!

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Quiz topic: What is my b---- word?