what is your artribute?

there are people who like to be a dark evil doer so they normaly are made of fire for doing bad things that make them evil and the good are know to use thier hearts and try to stop them even if the good is weaker their smarter thier considered as water the good doers.

who are you? a twisted evil freak who wants to be evil and horrible or a good one who is weak but has the power inside to make a diffrence? well go and find out before it`s too late!!!

Created by: kamil
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. what to like do to:
  2. what is your perfect habitat?
  3. what to you like more?
  4. what is your passion?
  5. what is your passion?
  6. do like to take action in your hands?
  7. what to you do mostly?
  8. is their an evil heart or a good heart?
  9. do your friends stand up for action or have fun in your pool?
  10. p or c

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Quiz topic: What is my artribute?