what is your animal?

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Hi, have you ever wondered what, if you weren't a human, your animal/insect would be? For some people probably not but if you have you have something in common with me!!!!!!!!!

Just a fun quiz so if you get an animal you are not the most connected to then remember this is not real and it is only a game, that being said make sure you enjoy this quiz!

Created by: Mynameiscool

  1. Your friends would describe you as.........
  2. You encounter a strange creature it seems to be sleeping and is SOOOOOOO cute, what do you do?
  3. You are decorating your new bedroom which pillow for your bed do you choose? ( if you are stuck imagine your dream room what would match the most?)
  4. Which month is your birthday in?
  5. I want to give you a high five, what do you do?
  6. La la la oh oh oh
  7. TV, Laptop/Computer or Phone?
  8. Hello or Hi
  9. Left or Right
  10. I need ten questions so I am filling up the space, let me know if you would do the same or if you would do some proper questions.

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Quiz topic: What is my animal?