What Is the Essence of Your Personality?

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There quiz is designed to give you a one-word representation of yourself, and who you are. There are thirteen questions, none of which were designed on a whim, and are all backed by psychological evidence.

When taking the quiz, be sure to envision yourself in the situation, and act as if you were actually there. Keep in mind that some results are fairly common, while others can be extraordinarily rare.

Created by: SoulReturns
  1. The leader is usually right.
  2. As technology progresses, it is quite likely that mankind will advance just as much.
  3. A man steps out of a dark alleyway and begins to attack you. Do you:
  4. I treat my partner/spouse as if he/she is...
  5. I prefer to be...
  6. When making decisions, I prefer to...
  7. Most people are...
  8. "Where did my spinach go?"
  9. When making friends, I...
  10. Envision this: you are walking through a forest, through the many trees and bushes, when you come across a river. On the other side of said river is a bear. It looks angry, is fairly large, and is baring its teeth at you. You are perhaps ten feet away from this monster. What do you do?
  11. A mysterious wizard appears at your house one day and asks you to go on an adventurous (and maybe dangerous) quest to save a village, but he does not offer a reward.

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Quiz topic: What Is the Essence of my Personality?